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Horton Farm is a specialist producer of eggs from Khaki Campbell ducks.  This is a native breed, world renowned for their quality eggs.

The breed was created by Mrs Campbell of Uley, Gloucester over 100 years ago.  This strain, Kortlang,  has been improved but not substantially changed in all that time.  Why mess about with perfection?

They are hard working little birds that lay huge white eggs.  They enjoy foraging and following each other as ducks do.  They like playing with water and sunbathing but hate heavy rain.


Horton Farm is taking a leading role in improving duck egg production and duck-keeping husbandry.  Our ducks have space, good food and clean water at all times.  They live in large, well-ventilated buildings with deep straw to forage through.  They have access to the great outdoors but few of them choose to go there.

Our ducks arrive at Horton Farm when they are one day old, and start laying eggs about 5 months later.  When they finish their second lay, at nearly 3 years old, we re-home them.