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The eggs are collected twice a day and stored in a cool room.  They are not refrigerated as this can lead to condensation problems if customers need to keep them at ambient temperatures.  Usually our eggs are sold on the day they are laid.  Your customers will appreciate the taste of really fresh duck eggs.

Duck eggs are not regulated, so there are no rules or guidelines on quality.  For this reason Horton Farm's standards are kept high.  Before sale the eggs are washed, candled, graded and packed.  Any egg that is not up to our standard is removed.

Candling is a process of shining a light through each egg so that the contents and shell quality can be examined.


Duck eggs compared to hen eggs:

have a smooth shell which is stronger and less porous
contain less water, so the whites appear more gelatinous
tend to be larger, so the usual sizes are XL to HUGE
have a proportionately larger yolk

Because duck eggs have a low water content it is important not to overcook, as this gives a rubbery texture.  Otherwise duck eggs can be used in exactly the same way as hen eggs.

They will give amazing results in baking and a sponge cake made with duck eggs has to be tried to be believed.

Sponge cake recipe8